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KS Lady Liberty

“Libby” is a KMSHA registered palomino mare.  She was born in 2005.  In the 2008 show season she became KMSHA 3 & 4 yr old Mare and Gelding Country Trail International Champion in her only showring appearance in that year. In 2009 she won the same title again. She also became KMSHA High Point Open Country Trail Pleasure Champion. She also won 2009 KMSHA High Point Country Trail Grandchampionship. She was KMSHA  Kentucky State Open Country Trail Reserve Champion and UMH KY State Non pro Country Trail Champion.

Classic’s Snow White

“Snow” is a SMHA registered maximum sabino white mare.  She was born in 2002. She possesses a superior conformation, excellent classic gait and a super sweet personality. She had a great show season under her trainer Kevin Kiper  in 2010 that she topped off by becoming SMHA Classic Pleasure Champion.

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X-file’s X-presso

“Cappi” is a KMSHA and RMHA  registered black  mare. She was born in 2002. She is an absolute sweetheart and a saw-it-all trail horse. She will gait a storm up and down anything you point her to.

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Toby’s Irish Latte

“Latte” is a KMSHA and RMHA registered chocolate/chocolate mare. She was born in 1997. She is a dam of our mare Cappi. Latte is everything a mountain horse should be, has a super sweet, loving and calm  personality, loves attention and is an excellent gaiter and a bomb proof riding horse.

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Garbo is a KMSHA and RMHA registered red chocolate mare. She was born in 2005. She is a drop dead gorgeous girl and granddaughter of the famous stallion Dock. She loves attention and is a very smart girl. She has an impeccable conformation and a super smooth gait.

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Laura’s Mystical Sarah

Sarah is a KMSHA and RMHA registered silver amber champagne mare. She was born in 2004. She is a supersweet girl. She is  perfecting her skills on the trails. She has proven to be an excellent trail horse – willing, surefooted and fearless.

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Classic’s Showgirl


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“Girl” is a SMHA registered black and white oh so sweet tobiano mare. She was born in 2000. She is a dependable and comfy on the trail, but also has an incredible park style gait in a show ring. Girl is an accomplished show horse, went undefeated for 2 years and became a multiple park pleasure grandchampion.

Pink Champagne Ice

Emma is a KMSHA and RMHA registered amber champagne mare. She was born in 2007. She is a very sweet and smart girl with a superb conformation.


Acadiana’s Lil Miss Banjo

“Missy” is our very first foal born in USA. She is out of our champion country trail mare KS Lady Liberty. She was born on April the 6th 2010 and her sire is multiple champion stallion Joe Banjo. Missy is everything we hoped for and she is just drop dead gorgeous, sweet buckskin girl. She earned a blue ribbon in a conformation class at the 2011 KMSHA Spring Premier in Frankfort, KY. Missy has found a great home in Canada in 2012.


Acadiana’s Dobbin 777          

Seven is a very first foal by our chocolate stallion Dobbin’s Justa Rockin’ out of our black mare X-File’s X-Presso. He is one of the smartest, bravest and most curious foals I’ve had a chance to meet.  He gaits nicely already. He was born on March 15th 2011. Seven found a home in WV in 2014.

Acadiana’s Mona Lisa 

Lizzy is a gorgeous black filly by Classic Squirrel out of our chocolate mare Toby’s Irish Latte. She was born on March 17th 2011. She has a wonderful conformation and loves attention. Lizzy found a new great home in Ohio in 2013.

Acadiana’s Midnight Star      IMG_6454 kopie

Maggie is a gorgeous blue roan filly by Sonny’s Silver Dollar out of our flea bitten grey mare Classic’s Freckles. She was born on March 26th 2011. Her conformation is just perfect. She is very smart and loves attention,  especially enjoys her neck and butt rubs. Maggie went to her new home in Alberta, Canada in 2012.

Dobbin’s Black Silk

SissyPS1Sissy was the first foal of the 2012 season. She was born March the 13th. She is by our stallion Rock, out of our black mare X-file’s X-presso. Sissy posesses a superb conformation, she is very stocky with a huge neck, and a sweet personality. She is a mountain horse at it’s best. Sissy found a new home in NY in 2015.

Dobbin’s Blue Velvet                       IMG_8917

Velvet was the second filly of 2012. She was born on April’s Fool day! This filly is also by our stallion Rock, out of our amber champagne mare Laura’s Mystical Sarah. Velvet is a silver classic champagne. She is absolutelly gorgeous! Velvet found a wonderful new home in Oregon in 2012.

Dobbin’s Cinderella

IMG_8811Ella hurried up and came on April 2nd! She is the first foal out of our maximum sabino champion mare Classic Snow White. Her sire is our stallion Rock.  She is a black sabino.  She is very curious and sweet girl with a true mountain horse personality! She was a KBIF reserve champion in weanling filly conformation class at the 2012 KMSHA Internationals and yearling filly reserve champ in 2013! Ella found a new home in NY in 2015.

Dobbin’s Bella Amore               Bella

Bella is the fourth filly of 2012! She was born on April the 3rd.  This filly is also by our stallion Rock, out of our spotted mare Classic Showgirl. Bella is absolutelly drop dead gorgeous. And sweet girl too. She will be heading to Belgium when she is 3 years old. Bella became the champion in KBIF weanling filly conformation class at the 2012 KMSHA Internationals and champion yearling filly in 2013!

Acadiana’s Son of a Gun


IMG_8233Gunner is the first colt of the season! He is by a smokey cream stallion BRR Bandit’s Gunsmoke, out of our champion mare KS Lady Liberty. He was born on April the 6th, Good Friday! He is a palomino with blue eyes. Gunner has been a very friendly boy since day one. He investigated our anatolian shepherd when he was only few hours old! He is very well built with big, strong bones. We have lost Gunner in 2014 due to injury. 🙁

Acadiana’s Courvoisier XO                 1374111_10201649402411187_117955225_n

Jacques was born on Good Friday and like his half brother Gunner, he is by smoky cream stallion BRR Bandit’s Gunsmoke. His mom is our red chocolate mare Garbo. Jacques is a very rare silver buckskin! Jacques is a very confident and sweet boy with a great conformation. We are very excited about this boy! Jacques found a new home in Colorado in 2013.

Acadiana’s Kisses for Allison

Kisses4Kisses is a beautiful grey filly by Classic Shogun out of our mare Classic’s Freckles. She was born on March 27 2012. She has a great conformation, is a sweetheart and extremelly smart girl. Kisses found a new home in Canada in 2014.

Acadiana’s Tiger Maple           IMG_7894 kopie       

Tiger was born on May 12th 2012. He is a beautiful black colt by Classic Squirrel, out of our champagne mare Cat’s In the Cradle. This boy is hansome and smart as a whip and wants to inspect everything! We expect Tiger to be a flashy horse under saddle, he certainly has the build and the attitude to be a show horse! Tiger found a new home in KY in 2013.

Acadiana’s Frankly My Dear

IMG_4449Frankie is a wonderful chocolate/white tobiano colt, the very first foal by our choco stallion Anna’s Rhett Buttler, out of our tobiano mare Classic’s Showgirl. He was born on April 18th 2013. Frankie definitelly is the biggest and fastest growing foal we’ve ever had and looks just like his daddy! He will be a big, gorgeous boy like him. Frankie went to his new home in Germany in 2014.

Acadiana’s Holy GrailIMG_4587

Holly was born on April 25th 2013. Her mommy is our palomino mare KS Lady Liberty and dad the great Holy Smoke. We were hoping for a dun baby and got so much more we hoped for…a dunskin! We are absolutelly ecstatic! She is one of the sweetest, boldest, most curious babies we’ve had. And her build is so lovely. Holly will be our future broodmare. We have lost Holly in 2014. 🙁

Dreamcatcher’s Aiyana

IMG_5860Annie is a silver dapple black dun filly by Covenant out of Dreamcatcher’s Cheyenne, born in 2013.  She is a gorgeous, smart and sweet filly we have purchased in 2013. She will be a great addition to our breeding program when she is older. We are very excited about her since she is not related to Spanish Sundown and will make a nice match for our grullo stallion Steely Dan.

Acadiana’s Black Onyx NikkiPS2            

Nikki is a beautiful black filly by Dan. She was born on March 6 2014 and was unbelievably well gaited ever since she got her footing. Her personality is  typically Dan – fearless, curious, friendly. Nikki found her new home in California in 2014.


Acadiana’s DaVinci

IMG_9975Vinnie was born on March 30th 2014. He is by Stardust’s Steely Dan, out of our champagne mare Sarah. He is the very first and only non-silver amber champagne dun in the Mountain horse registries. He is all we wished for and more, super sweet, curious, friendly and it seems he inherited the hair gene from his dad. We are hoping Vinnie to become our future breeding stallion.

Acadiana’s Solar Eclipse  IMG_8185

Silly is a gorgeous smokey black filly born on April 10th 2014. She is by a buckskin stallion BCR Comet’s Ragtime Shadow, out of our red choco mare Garbo. Her conformation is near perfect and she has been gaiting so well in the pasture since her early days. Silly found a new home in Texas in 2015.

Acadiana’s Enigma

EnniePS1Ennie is the only dunalino filly in Mountain horse registry. She was born on April 28th 2014. She is by Dan out of our mare Latte. Enough can’t be said about this filly’s conformation and temperament. She got nicknamed “Velcro” by some of our visitors after being smothered by her in the pasture. Ennie found a new home in Alabama in 2014.

Acadiana’s Picasso IMG_5302

KC is a buckskin dun colt by Steely Dan, out of KS Lady Liberty. He was born on March 30th 2015. He was born a big, beautiful boy and just kept getting better. He possesses a superb conformation and sweet, curious personality. KC found a new home in Texas in 2015.

Dobbin’s Dolce Vita

IMG_5507DD is a black/white tobiano filly, the last offspring of Dobbin’s Justa Rockin’, out of our spotted mare Showgirl. She was born on April 9th 2015. DD is a beautiful, smart filly with a fantastic conformation. She found a new home in Germany in 2015.

Acadiana’s Baby Ruth  IMG_5500

Ruthie is a black sabino filly by Steely Dan, out of our maximum sabino mare Snow White. She was born on April 11th 2015. She was a petite foal but beautifully refined and handled her male peers with ease. 😉 She is fearless, craves human attention immensely, She’s very athletic with a passion for exercise. Ruthie found her new home in Texas in 2015.

Acadiana’s Nefertari

IMG_4024Neffi is a black dun filly by Steely Dan, out of Garbo. She was born on April 12th 2015. She is truly an exceptional foal in all aspects. It was a very difficult decision to send her off to her new owner in Alabama to join her dunalino sister Acadiana’s Enigma in 2015.

Acadiana’s Odin  IMG_5908

Odin is a silver palomino colt by the famous blue roan Sonny’s Silver Dollar, out of our mare Latte. He was born on April 22nd 2015. Odin has been very curious and personable boy since day one. He loves attention and is very well behaved and sweet. His conformation and gait are what one looks for in a Moutain horse.

Acadiana’s Vivaldi

img_1582Valdi was born on March 18th 2016. He’s a red dun colt by the great Holy Smoke out of our palomino mare KS Lady Liberty. This boy has an amazing conformation and a sweet personality. He gaits naturally in the pasture. He carries Silver gene and is KMSHA registered.

Acadiana’s Osirisimg_0486

Osi is a chestnut colt born on April 5th 2016. He’s our only this year’s foal by Steely Dan out of Sarah and he follows his daddy’s path,,he’s very intelligent, assertive around horses but sweet and curious with people. Has a great natural gait in pasture. He is our very first chestnut foal, doesn’t carry Silver gene. He’s KMSHA and RMHA registered.

Acadiana’s Helios

img_1670Helios is a red sabino dun colt born on April 11th 2016. He is by Holy Smoke out of our max sabino mare Snow White. He is one of the sweetest foals we’ve bred sofar..in your lap cutie pie with fox ears. Very well gaited of course. He is SMHA registered and was purchased at 2 weeks of age by Laura Lunt in NY who already owns one of our babies Dobbin’s Black Silk.

Acadiana’s Vendetta img_9360 

Vedo is a minimal silver black tobiano colt born on April 17th 2016 by Holy Smoke out of our tobi mare Showgirl. He is an active boy who likes to keep his mates moving, always ready for a game. He exhibited a natural gait with quite a front lift. With his matching white markings and white mane and tail he is an eyecatcher.  He was purchased shortly after birth by Erick and Nicole Jones in Texas. SMHA registered.

Our horses in Europe:

Gena’s Little Red

Gena's Little Red

“Gena” is a KMSHA registered sorrel mare.  She was born in 2000. She is a proven producer of beautiful foals, all of them were palominos.


Acadiana’s Cream’n’MochaAcadiana's

“Mocha” is a stunning KMSHA reg. chocolate mare.  She was born in 2005. She has a beautiful conformation and sweet temperament. So far she produced one foal, a beautiful red chocolate filly. She had a gorgeous chocolate colt by Captain Midnight in May 2011.


Acadiana’s Rockin’ Showgirl

“Acadia” is a KMSHA reg. black mare.  She was born in 2005. Acadia is an incredibly curious and smart horse, besides being beautiful, of course. Her country trail style gait is natural and smooth.


Acadiana’s Ivory Star 

Ivy is by a beautiful golden buckskin stallion CF Starbuck out of our sorrel mare Gena’s Little Red.  He was born in June 2009.  He is a gorgeous palomino.  He is KMSHA registered.


Acadiana’s Desert Rose

“Rose” is a drop dead gorgeous red chocolate filly, she is by CF Starbuck and out of our mare Acadiana’s Cream’n’Mocha.  She was born in June 2009.  She is KMSHA registered.




Acadiana’s Midnight Espresso 

Espresso is a gorgeous chocolate colt by VBF’s Captain Midnight out of our chocolate mare Acadiana’s Cream’n’Mocha. He was born on May 15th 2011. He will be a special boy.