About Us



Larry was born near Lafayette, Louisiana in 1967. His background is in western riding, mostly quarter-horses.  He came to Kentucky in 1995 where he worked with thoroughbreds for a short while.

Noemi was born in 1976 in Prague, the Czech Republic. Although her interest spanned across all disciplines of English riding, she spent most of her time riding thoroughbreds. In 2000 she came to Lexington, KY through an internship program and worked at 2 top thoroughbred farms in the area.

In 2006 we purchased a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse mare from a friend of ours who was downsizing his herd. We weren’t looking for a horse at that time and we knew nothing about gaited horses, but we decided to help our friend out. We decided to have her bred and found a gorgeous buckskin stud stallion. During our visit to the farm where he was stabled and after an introduction to the breed by the farm owner, we decided to buy two more mares and have them bred also.

We continued to educate ourselves on the gaited breeds. We had a chance to ride a few horses and to no surprise…. fell in love with them.

In 2008 we shipped 2 KMSH and 1 SMH mares in foal to the Czech Republic. In 2009 we bought 4 more mares that became the core of our American herd. We were very fortunate to win High Point Country Trail Championship with our beautiful palomino mare KS Lady Liberty in our very first show season.

In the course of time we purchased few more mares for our broodmare band and  2 stallions. We would however like to keep our herd small and breed a very limited number of top quality foals.

We are fortunate enough to own a property that offers ideal conditions for this breed. Our horses stay outside 24/7 since the day they are born. They drink out of the stream, learn to go in the water, through the mud, step over branches etc. Our farm is  hilly which grants our horses opportunity to get adequate exercise and develop to their full physical and mental potential. We believe in allowing horses to live as close to their natural ways as possible. It lets them be physically, emotionally and socially healthy and happy animals which demostrates itself in their social interaction with humans and in their work under saddle. At the same time we spend time with them every day. We teach our foals to interact with their human partners using natural horsemanship methods from the minute they are born. We strive to offer them our leadership with a strong sense of security and trust while demanding respect.  

We do not start our horses under saddle until at least 3 years of age, sometimes later. We believe every horse is a unique individual, therefore requires individual approach. 

Our horses are our family and we strive to find excellent forever homes for the ones we decide to sell. In order to eliminate interest of people who buy to re-sell, we start our prices at a level that likely deters these buyers, yet adequate for the quality we offer and stand behind.

We believe in responsible breeding practices therefore we NEVER breed 2 silver dapple horses together. We also believe the procentage of chocolate horses in the Mountain horse population is high enough and enjoy breeding for different colors.

As for our plans outside of the US, we would like to offer top quality horses to our European clients and thus contribute to the improvement of the quality of the breed across Europe.